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We are a leading manufacturer of high quality trench shoring technology. All our products are produced in Germany, according to national and international standards.

Since 1996 we have been closely focusing from our head office in Hückelhoven on the individual requirements of our worldwide clientele and are contributing safe, economical and innovative solutions for sewerage and pipe-laying projects. Our aim is to gain and maintain the trust and confidence of our customers in our products!



Trench Box VB 100 in line

Box Systems

A safe, effective and economical solution for a trench depth of up to 5.0 m. A solid steel construction and easy handling on site both guarantee a high level of safety and a long service life of the components.

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Double Slide Rail System Rolling Frame

Slide Rail Shoring

The Slide Rail Shoring Systems consist of individual components becoming a complete unit during excavation on site. A simple installation technique, slide rails and shoring plates are slideable to each other; the trench width remains constant during the entire excavation and back-fill operation. Much less pulling force is required to remove the panels, as there is no horizontal movement of the shoring and thus no pressure against the soil. Trench depth of up to 7.5 m can be achieved and big pits can also be installed, using these systems.

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Standard Pile Guide Box beside train and building

Pile Guide Boxes

Wherever supply service lines are crossing the trench, pile guide boxes are used. The pile guide box is the guiding frame for the trench sheet piles and the upper waling support.

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Pipe Grab with concrete pipe

Pipe Grab

Safe, fast and economic installation and handling of concrete pipes.

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