Manhole Pile Guide Box

The Manhole Pile Guide Box has been developed for four-sided supported excavations with crossing service lines. The system can either be installed as a completely pre-assembled frame (shown in the graphic illustration) or as a Standard Pile Guide Box, being used with our standard struts.

By rectangular aligning and screwing two front end and two longitudinal plates together, a solid frame construction is created, supporting each other. Depending on the plate length being used, the dimension of the manhole can be 3.31 to 6.26 m; the standard height of the plates is 1.00 m.

Special guide rails substantially facilitate the easy sheet pile insertion during installation.

The pile chamber is both, the guiding frame for the trench sheets, as well as the upper support. If the trench depth is more than 3.00 m it might be necessary to install further wailings and braces to improve rigidity.

When the manhole has been backfilled, the complete frame can either be moved into the next position, or the frame gets dismantled and the Pile Guide plates can be used in combination with our struts as standard Pile Guide Box. This system guarantees flexible use, short setup time and cost-effectiveness.

Manhole Pile Guide Box
  • max. installation depth:
  • max. trench width:
    3,31 - 6,26m
  • max. pipe culvert height:

Technical Characteristics


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