Mini Pile Guide Box

The Mini Pile Guide Box is the logical solution to be used in combination with our Lightweight Box (Minibox) and the VB 60 Series. Cross services (gas and water lines and telecommunications cables) and the provision of house service connections cause plenty of problems in built-up areas.  The Mini Pile Guide Box is designed for a trench depth of up to 3.00 m and caters for all situation where economic and safe works are hindered by cross services.

The excavation is supported by trench sheet piles type KD 4/6 which are inserted into the chamber via special guides.  The trench sheets are lowered in turn with the excavation until the required depth has been achieved. If service lines are crossing the excavation, the installation of the sheets is effected to the upper level of the cables.

The pile chamber is both, the guiding frame for the trench sheets as well as the upper support. If the trench depth is deeper than 2.0 m it might be necessary to install further wailings and braces to improve rigidity.

The length of the Mini Pile Guide Box depends on the quantity of trench sheets used. The maximum length of the Mini Pile Guide Box is 2.84 m; the height of the box is 0.60 m.

The struts being used are the same than in our Lightweight Box (Minibox) system, for a trench width of 0.89 m to 2.97 m.

Mini Pile Guide Box on site crossing service line
  • max. installation depth:
    ~3,00 m
  • max. trench width:
    0,89 - 2,97 m
  • max. pipe culvert height:
    ~1,40 m
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