Standard Pile Guide Box

The Standard Pile Guide Box is a universal and economical shoring system to be used when supply lines are crossing the trench. It is suitable for most soil and ground conditions.

The System is frequently used in combination with our Trench Boxes. The excavation is supported by trench sheet piles type KD 6/8 or, at customer’s request, with trench sheet piles type KD 4/6. They are inserted into the chamber via special guide rails. The pile chamber is both, the guiding frame for the trench sheets, as well as the upper support. If the trench depth is more than 3.00 m it might be necessary to install further wailings and braces to improve rigidity.

The length of the Pile Guide Box depends on the quantity of trench sheets used.  The maximum length of the Standard Pile Guide Box is 3.94 m; the height of the box is 1.00 m.

A trench width from 1.54 to 4.34 m is possible, using our standard strut and strut extensions. All struts and accessories being used are the same than in our Trench Boxes type VB 60/100, enabling a high level of flexibility and compatibility.

The Pile Guide Box plates can also be supplied with special T-shaped side adapters; thus they can be installed in our Slide Rail Systems.

Standard Pile Guide Box in action
  • max. installation depth:
    ~6,00 m
  • max. trench width:
    1,54 - 4,34 m
  • max. pipe culvert height:
    ~2,00 m

Technical Characteristics

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