Pipe Grab

Pipe Grabs are for quick and efficient pipe laying operations on construction sites.

Pipe Grabs are working like a scissors principle; i.e. when the pipe is lifted, the weight of the pipe causes the grabber arms to lock automatically. Opening and closing movements are controlled by a switching system.

The Pipe Grab has to be adjusted to the required external pipe diameter before lifting. Depending on the external pipe diameter, different Grab arms are available. The Pipe Grab should be positioned in the middle of the pipe for lifting. Once lifted, a safety lock automatically engages and can only be released manually, thus preventing an uncontrolled early opening of the Pipe Grab during operation.

The intended use is only for the transport of concrete pipes; for clay pipes special equipment is required.

Two types of Pipe Grabs are available. A smaller Pipe Grab with a lifting capacity of 2.5 tons. Suitable for pipes with an external diameter of 275 – 950 mm. The bigger type has a lifting capacity of 5.0 tons. and can be used for pipes with an external diameter of 700 – 1800 mm.

  • lifting capacity 2,5t
    Ø 275 - 950 mm
  • lifting capacity 5,0t
    Ø 700 - 1800 mm

Assembly and Operating Manual