Corner Slide Rail System

Corner Slide Rails perfectly complement our Slide Rail Systems. The high flexibility of the modular system design allows endless possibilities. Combining Single, Double and Corner Slide Rails with Slide Rail and/or Pile Guide plates offers various pit and manhole configurations. Corner Slide Rails are nowadays an integrate part of Slide Rail applications.

The Corner Slide Rails are available as Single (EG-Eck), as well as Double Slide Rails (DG-Eck). Depending on site requirements, either a lightweight edged design (KT), or a robust welded design (SK) is on offer.

The slide rail plates used are identical in all our Slide Rail Systems enabling a high level of flexibility and compatibility. The standard length of the Slide Rail plates is 2.00 to 5.00 m, allowing flexible pit-configurations. Longitudinal as well as front end plates can be chosen freely, depending on the site requirements. For large free working zones, special adjustable clamping devices are available.

In addition to this, customized solutions are available for special requirements, such as the Single Corner Manhole Rail for the replacement of contaminated ground where it is crucial that the contaminated and new refill soil does not get mixed. Furthermore, another option for special four-sided supported excavation is our lightweight Corner Multibox.

Corner Slide Rail in action
  • max. installation depth EG KT & SK:
  • max. installation depth DG KT:
  • max. installation depth DG SK:
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