Rolling Frame Box

On special request we also produce customized trench boxes, adapted to the specific needs of the individual site conditions.  In the following you will find some samples:

Rolling Frame Boxes are special boxes combining the advantages of the Slide Rail System with the Trench Box System. The plates are brace supported by a vertically moveable Frame (slide). Pipe clearance of up to 2.2 m can be flexibly adjusted in height.

The shoring plates and the frame (slide) are slideable to each other; the trench width remains constant during the entire excavation and back-fill operation. Much less pulling force is required to remove the panels, as there is no horizontal movement of the shoring and thus no pressure against the soil. The installation and removal procedure is almost free of settlements.

The Box will be pre-assembled prior to excavation.

  • Rolling-Strut-Box:
    4,00 x 4,00 m
  • pipe culvert height:
    0,60 - 2,20 m
  • limit state design load:
    35 kN/m²



A further combination of the Slide Rail System and the classical Trench Boxes are our Kombi-Boxes. The shoring plates can be used in both systems. Either the standard struts get mounted (in order to use it as trench box), or the plates are being used in the Slide Rail System. The shoring plates are equipped with special T-shaped side adapters, which may slide into the rail.  All elements and accessories are used in a variety of our Systems enabling a high level of flexibility and compatibility.

Please get in touch with us for further information and a customized quote!

  • Combi-Box:
    3,50 x 2,40 m
  • limit state design load:
    ~56 kN/m²
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