The Minibox (Lightweight Box) is a perfect trench supporting system for small and medium sized municipal cable and pipe laying projects, protecting workers and preventing trench collapses.

The Minibox is an extreme small and lightweight trench box that can be easily handled by rubber tire backhoes or small excavators.

The main field of application are municipal maintenance and emergency repairs or small utility projects (water, sewer, gas, cable installation).  Its easy handling helps to minimize the excavation area and to avoid damage to neighboring structures; it is also suitable for the installation of house connections.

The Lightweight Box can be installed to a depth of up to 3.0 m using a base and a top box. The shoring box is placed in the pre-excavated trench (place in position). Therefore, the soil has to be temporary stable and the excavation area must be outside the sphere of buildings and structures. The use of the Lightweight Box is recommended if settlements are acceptable.

Plates are available at a length of 1.5 – 3.0 m covering a wide range of applications and providing high flexibility.  Depending on the height of the base box, a pipe clearance of ~ 1.0 m is provided.

The Minibox struts type A-E are adjustable for a trench width of 0.65 m to 2.73 m.

For precasted concrete manhole requirements, we recommend the use of our Mini Manhole Box System.

  • max. installation depth:
    ~3,00 m
  • max. trench width:
    0,65 - 2,73 m
  • max. pipe culvert height:
    ~1,00 m

Technical Characteristics

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