Slide Rail System Type FP

The Slide Rail Type FP reduces the risk of cave-in and trench collapse and adds a great deal of safety for adjacent structures and the workforce. Slide Rail systems are being used for greater trench depth, contrary to the Trench Box system, which is normally used up to a trench depth of 4.00 m.

The Slide Rail Type FP has been developed as a logical consequence, as the installation depth of the Trench Box System was limited. The Slide Rail Type FP is braced by our rugged standard struts and the articulated spring mushroom fittings. This type of bracing is also used in a variety of our trench box systems, enabling a high level of flexibility and compatibility.

This system is consisting of individual components, which become a complete unit during excavation on site. The Slide Rail Type FP is a “dig and push” system that allows quick installation. Plates and rails are alternately lowered down and extracted separately. For this reason, the required forces for installation and removal are considerably reduced, thus allowing a greater trench depth.

The slide rail shoring plates are equipped with special T-shaped side adapters, ensuring a positive connection to slide into the track guidance of the rail.

With the Single Slide Rail Type FP, a trench depth of up to 3.80 m can be achieved, for a deeper trench excavation the Double Slide Rail Type FP should be used.

It is recommended to use a minimum of three modules in line to achieve the most economical effect. While the first section (module) is getting backfilled and extracted, the excavation work can already begin behind the pre-installed third module. Module one can then be used for the next installation, thus creating a rotating chain of modules which considerably reduces storage area.

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