VB 60 Trench Box

The VB 60 trench Box System is an ideal shoring for small to medium-sized inner-city sewer construction projects, protecting workers and preventing trench collapses.

These kind of trench boxes can be easily handled by small sized construction machinery. Low weight and high Standard of Safety are the key features of the VB 60 trench Box System.

Greater trench depths and widths can be achieved due to the combination of the lightweight panel and our rugged standard strut design. The struts are bolted to articulated spring mushroom fittings, which are connected to the plates.  Due to the rugged standard strut, the system can also be installed in poor or unstable soil conditions. The Shoring Box is pushed vertically into the ground by alternately pushing and lowering (Dig and Push method).

The VB 60 Trench Box can be installed to a depth of up to ~4.0 m using one base and one top box. The height of the base box is 2.4 m and the top boxes are either 1.32 or 1.56 m high. The max. pipe clearance is 1.35 m. Base and extension boxes are connected by box connectors. Handling and installation is without difficulties.

Strut extensions are available from 0.3 m to 2.5 m lengths. A trench width from 1.11 m to 3.91 m is possible using the standard strut and the strut extensions. The standard strut has a stroke of 0.3 m; the trench width can be flexible adjusted to the individual job site requirements.

These struts are used in a variety of our Systems enabling a high level of flexibility and compatibility.

For precasted concrete manhole requirements we recommend the use of our VB 60 Manhole Box

Trench Shoring Box VB 60
  • max. installation depth:
    ~4,00 m
  • max. trench width:
    1,11 - 3,91 m
  • max. pipe culvert height:
    ~1,35 m

Technical Characteristics

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